Black Magic German Shepherds
Trained Pups 
One of our trained pups: 
Black Magic's Greek God 
 aka  ZEUS  (Kitty's brother)

.Zeus has gone to a great home and is doing extremely well. His new owner says: "Zeus is working out better that we could ask for!! He is very well behaved, greets everybody with a wagging tail. and moved in like he had been there his entire life."
Hi Wendy
Just wanted to send you a few pictures of Jagger. He is a wonderful guy! Very handsome, smart and loving and learns very quickly! He has not had any accidents in the house nor has he destroyed my yard. I only have to tell him NO in a strong voice and he stops whatever he's doing immediately. We are still in between jobs so it's really helped be home with him in his formative months. He is getting on well with the terriers as you can see in one of the photos. He was in sound sleep with Stanley and they are very good friends now. We walk him twice a day(in the street) until his 3 shot and he is heeling very nicely as well as "the sit' when we stop.

Hope all is well with you and thank you for breeding such a wonderful calm, smart and beautiful dog!!

Littermate to Romeo and Jolie

The pups get to explore and meet all types of critters!
All of our pups are started from birth using what is now called "super puppy" training.  We've been doing it for 30 years, and we constantly re-evaluate our training for maximum results.  Every puppy we place has had early training, and is started on basics like the recall.
What we also offer is extended puppy training, where you can opt to have your pup stay for extra time, usually 2-4 weeks.   You must arrange this well in advance as we do only two pups maximum per litter.

NEW in 2018:  there is a 2 week minimum for puppy training. 
Training costs $1000. per week.  Baby puppies require intensive amounts of time (and lost sleep!) to train properly at 8 weeks of age. We start them immediately on housebreaking, crate training and manners, as well as all the early socialization that is so important.

​If you have never had a puppy we require that you get two weeks training; puppy and training must be paid for by the time pup is 6 weeks old.  If you have never had a GSD we really recommend it.

Keep in mind that the puppies will be raised in house - like they are our own pups. Everyone so far that has had this training said it was well worth the money!  We lose the sleep and you get a great start on training.
Puppy training starts on the date that the litter goes out, not by age.

The pups are taught what is appropriate for their age. For younger pups the focus is more on house training, not biting, and socialization.  Older pups will be started on crating, loose leash walking and heavy socialization.  No pups are ever left alone all day, and our focus is the individual puppy. A minimum of two adults, some children, and older neutral adult dogs will be involved in training your pup.    The puppy will be kept in the house, like a family member. 
We also offer older puppy training by the week, for pups purchased from Black Magic. You can do this at any time in their life, depending on the openings in our schedule.  All the clients who have sent us pups or dogs for training have been very happy with the results.  Dogs not purchased from us must be evaluated before being accepted into training.   Email us for details.   We use strictly Michael Ellis methods in our training.

Most of our pups are raised with kids, and all of them are socialized with children and babies. They also learn how to play with the big dogs, who are trained not to scare pups.
Captain Morgan at 4 months old....  just a fabulous boy. Will let you know how he's doing!  A great representative of our trained pups: calm, obedient, and a real head turner.
We have a very skilled team of trainers who train pups, and also service and therapy dogs. Contact us for more details on SERVICE dogs.