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           Black Magic German Shepherds

Just wanted to send you a picture of Nago on his 6th Birthday with us.  He was been a WONDERFUL companion and friend - he continues to LOVE the water and going on long runs with my wife.  Hope you enjoy the picture.   Tristan   
Mockba is great and a second one I would expect to be just as great!  I took him for his first hotel weekend last weekend and he was fantastic!  My niece is the production coordinator for Extreme Makeover Home Edition so we went to see her in action in Toledo Ohio.  Mockba met all the TV designers for the show that were in our hotel and they all loved him!       Liz  

Hi, Wendy -
I'm attaching all of the "Air Köna" pictures for you as they're really a riot!  You'd have to see it to believe it, but this crazy dog actually understands that the objective of the game is to get and keep the ball and dribble it!  She can't shoot, obviously, but she will take the ball and run with it and is very good at guiding it along on the ground.  It's hilarious!!  She's very aggressive and it's not at all unusual to turn and see her flying by at eye level in pursuit of the ball!  Ha! Ha!  I worried about her doing that at first . . . but her vet said she's a STRONG dog with GREAT hips and not to get too concerned.  She tore a dew claw once, but that's been her only sports related injury so far.  (Knock on wood!)
That's so funny about Minime and her new cat friend.  You probably don't recall, but Köna's best friend is our cat, Puffer.  She saved Puffer's life while we were living in California and the two were inseparable while Puffer lived outside.  Now that we've moved east, Puffer is now enjoying the luxurious life of an indoor cat but we're able to let her outside from time to time as Köna keeps a watchful eye on her.  Conversely, sometimes Köna gets to come in and visit and they lay side by side.       Karen

Have a wonderful 2009, and thanks for your help in getting ( Ebony ) Abby, she is a joy and so smart. She watches TV, loves anything with dogs and horses, anything with motion, also children she is amazing to watch, I took a picture of her watching TV, I'll send it when I get it downloaded. Hope your Christmas and New years Eve were great.               Irene               (Ebony is a sister to Irie, Cooper & Kissammee, and is Sasha's aunty.)
Hi Wendy,  We call our pup Ginger.  Our pug dog is named Zoe which ends very similiarly with Barbie so we thought of something else. Her coat is the same color as the spice.  She is the BEST girl.  She weighs 75 lbs coming up on her first birthday and is the most lovable, fun, well mannered, good tempered very enjoyable girl.  Your dogs are always the best family dogs.  She kept her beautiful sable color.  I don't have a scanner so when I develop the pictures I will send you one.  If ever you need a family reference as to the mild temperment of your dogs I would be pleased to rave about them.     Sincerely, Nancy Corriveau  Santa Rosa, CA              (2003)
Hello Wendy,
This is Mike and Joni Zundel.  We purchased Zeus (Blue Boy) and he is such a wonderful dog. I thought that you might be interested in a couple of pictures and if you would like more as he progresses we would be happy to send them to you. Feel free to post him on your site if you please. He was the pick of the litter and to us he is just everything we have ever dreamed of. I am currently looking into working him into doing some underground mine rescue. Im an underground miner and would love to be able to take my dog to work with me. To my knowlage there is nothing like this. He would be the first and the company that I work for would probably pilot the program. If you have any suggestions let me know I would be eager to hear them. Thanks for such a wonderful breed of shepherds. 
Mike and Joni Zundel
Spring Creek, Nevada
Wendy,  Here are some recent photos taken of Hunter.  He is still the coolest dog on earth.  We couldn't enjoy him anymore than we do.  Thank you again for such an awesome friend and playmate for our family.   Jana Greeley
Hi Wendy, 
We are so very pleased with Isaac's demeanor. He is playful enough for  Emmy, but we see how mature he is getting, calm, patient, and sweet with children. Yesterday we met some very tiny children in the vet's  office and they wanted to pet him. I had no reservations to allow them 
to pet him and he licked them back, very sweetly. We just love him.
He weighs 119 lbs.  I am wondering how we can tell if he is gaining too 
much weight? Should we be concerned? He eats more than he did before we 
got Emmy, who eats many times a day. Is there a reason to be concerned?
Thank you,
Carol Cartier.
Hi Lewie, Beryl, and Wendy:
Thought the three of you would get a kick out of this given how much work you have done to breed dogs with fabulous personalities.
Autumn (6 years) has a unit at school on animals and it is "bring your pet to school" month.  We had gerbils and hermit crabs and slugs and guinea pigs...no extra large dogs.  So, I emailed her teacher and asked if Autumn could bring in her GSD.  I should have known I was going to be a dog owner; when I was in kindergarten I wanted to bring a dog to show and tell so bad that I borrowed the neighbor's dog.  Wyatt brought in Kelcey to Kindergarten four years ago.  And...today it was Cooper's turn!  And he was FABULOUS!  I didn't grab a camera because I was in such a hurry to get there after work, but there he was in a sea of little people, tongue hanging out, gently sniffing the kids, patient and calm.  Each kid took a turn brushing him and at one point he ended up rolling over to ask for a belly rub (I think I remember that he and Beryl had a special routine when he was a pup).  It was just awesome.  Such an excellent ambassador for the breed.  We had so much fun, other staff members came in the room.  Although, I have to say, he seems to be known as the "Miley Cyrus dog" - ha.  Autumn had a classmate ask her who named him and she did remember that "grandpa" picked out his name; a poignant moment.
In any case, we had a tremendous amount of fun.  Cooper and Kelcey are now worried outside the restroom door; looks like Miss. Autumn is loosing her first tooth!
Take care,
Jodi and family
Black Magic's Saba
Everything about Saba is more than we expected. She excels in puppy and intermediate classes. She is growing fast and today weighed 57 pounds. When does she stop? Forty four pounds in three months!! Our Rotty did not gain weight that quickly. Saba is a joy and has made a big difference in our lives. We take her to the ocean at least once a week where she loves to play with other dogs and will even run into the water when other dogs do. When the ten o'clock a.m. off lease curfew ends she will sit quietly between us at a restaurant's outside table while Cathy and I eat breakfast. She has learned hand signals as well as verbal commands and we practice daily. People often remark what a beautiful GSD she is and we agree. She loves dogs, puppies, people and kids and tolerates our three household cats. Every day we look forward to Saba's antics, playtimes and walks. We made a good choice purchasing our girl from you.
Hi Wendy, Just wanted to let you know that Gene and I love, love, love Sadie!!!  
She loves the outdoors, as we do. We introduced her to the horses today and she was as calm as could be.  She loves the cat and plays with Snickers while on our walks. When she is in the house, she just lies by our feet and plays with her toys. Our youngest daughter came on Sunday and while we were watching a movie Sadie slept on her lap.   She is sooooooooooooo loving, calm and laid back. ( all the qualities I asked you to look for when deciding on a dog for us )  
Can’t begin to tell you all the joy she brings into our lives. Our little elderly neighbor comes to watch the basketball games with us and Sadie just loves her. She is so precious to watch in the snow. I’m sending along a picture of her in the snow.  
I will never be able to thank you enough for such a sweet, precious dog.      Cathy and Sadie in Kansas
 Here's what Donna has to say about our Minime, who she calls Mimi..."She does have a very "laid back" personality, which is good because she spends time alone a lot and that seems to suit her just fine.  But as time has passed.......she has definitely learned how to be a dog when she wants or needs to.   She gets quite rowdy when I come home, she gets all bouncy and silly, then wants me to chase her!   She gets into the cupboards in the kitchen where I keep her goodies ( she opens the doors!)   she does not like people to come to the door.....and let me tell you when she starts barking the whole house shakes......when strangers are around outside she barks and lunges at them and has the most wicked growl.  I just love it.   She goes to work with me a few times week and does very well with all the old folks and they think she is just wonderful!    She plays with my cats....she diligently guards my one and only chicken.   She lets the cats play with her tail and she doesn't even care that they try to find out what she is chewing on when she has a bone and I mean they get right in her face.   I find that she doesn't like men very much.  And she gets very upset if I am in the house alone and someone just comes in,   she can get downright UGLY!    I will take very good care of her for the rest of her days!      I love my MiMi!    She is the best! "   Donna

Hi Wendy, 
I don't know if you remember me but I bought a pup from you in 2001, Max.  Max is now 10 years old and just had his check-up. The Vet checked for cancer, arthritis, signs of weakness in limbs and spine, etc. She couldn't believe that a 10 year old Shepherd was in such great shape; she said most GSD's she sees are pretty much on their way out at 10.  But Max got a perfect bill of health and is still very active. 
Just knowing that we have such a healthy dog, at 10, reinforces my belief that you should always buy from a responsible breeder. These 10 years have flown by and i can't imagine life without him.
Danielle Rodriguez

New ones as of Feb. 2015
Good morning Wendy, 
So nice to see a note from you; you have been on our minds the last two months in respect to Sasha’s growth, coat, and personality changes!  She’s a delight and we are so pleased to have her in our lives each and every day.(needless to say, I still miss our dear Rachel and I call Sasha Rachel from time to time)  (she now weighs – 60 lbs.)  Sasha enjoyed her FIRST CHRISTMAS and participated in everyway; bringing the tree in, decorating the yard, and of course opening her own presents.  I believe that she’ll look forward to Christmas yearly.  We were amazed one day, when we found one of her toys “on the tree” --- she apparently decided to place a toy on the branch by herself along with the regular ornaments– I’ll have Greg send you this photo later.  I couldn’t believe my eyes!
Per our last emails, Sasha has had one-one training and this Sunday will be her first group training (Opie will also be in the class with her).  I’m anxious for this class since there are a few GS that she’ll get to meet and they will work on “distractions”.  She is doing wonderfully during her daily walks (countless folks stop their cars to comment how beautiful she is and well behaved, etc.) and her overall behavior within the house and with the three cats.  Since she turned 6 months, she is busy smelling everything outside; therefore it takes longer to walk; another mile stone.  Sasha has learned how to play very well inside since we’ve had so much rain; in fact I keep telling her, it’s time for a purchase of rain boots for dogs!  HA!  
It’s amazing to watch her vocabulary grow as well as her interest in everything we do; even baking/cooking in the kitchen.  If she had the capability, I believe she could take over all the tasks we’ve shown her (she loves having a “job”).
Sasha has enjoyed having my college age kids home – she waits anxiously each morning for them to come down the stairs – for awhile I was allowing her to get them out of bed, but she got too excited when jumping on their beds.  I’m amazed about my son (not much of a dog person; a cat lover) has taken to Sasha --- they enjoy rough housing together. 
I’ll close for now.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!      The Stantons
(Sasha is a Kitty-Bacchus puppy from 2010

UPDATE:  Sadie is doing great!!!! She finished  her shots so now Gene and I take her everywhere. Saturday she joined us on a bird watching expedition with the Lawrence bird watching club.  Everybody loved her!!!!!  We are meeting with a trainer on Saturday who will guide us on how to introduce Sadie to people and other dogs. She also starts puppy classes on Saturday! 
In the meantime we take her on walks on the outskirts of downtown Lawrence and Baldwin to get her use to all the different sights and sounds. She walks at a heel and seems to love prancing all about town.  Tomorrow it’s a picnic at the lake and more bird watching. 
 She is learning to stay in the kitchen without the gate in place. Sometimes she forgets and we tell her back and give her a treat. She lies down and waits until we invite her into the living room.  
Sadie is an amazing, lovable puppy!!!!!!!

Hi Wendy,    
I 'am sending  pictures of Sadie and our little granddaughter, Cathleen. Sadie always hangs out with the grandchildren when they come to visit.  She is so gentle with them.  She is a great companion and the family loves her.
Hope you are doing well.    Cathy      4/2011
Such joy today!  No school and a snow flurry. Gracie and I went out and played and played.
She is such a sweetheart!  She even seems to have a sense of humor.  She loves to chase the snowballs, whether they are thrown or kicked.
Also quite the teenager at this point.  One day she loves her food, the next day, not so much.  She loves to walk with either of us, but very best when we are both able to take her.  She loves having her pack in her immediate vicinity!
Kristi and Marshall    2011

Connor Sindell, DVM   As a shepherd owner and a veterinarian I can honestly say these are the best GSDs I have ever had the pleasure of interacting with...so much so our family has three. Thank you black magic bringing Carson, Chopper, and Dax into our lives. Can't imagine what it would be like with out them..   

Sean wrote us when Jake was 8 weeks old: All is well here so far. I really could not be more pleased. Jake likes his new friends. He slept from ten thirty till six this morning.
  (look how gorgeous Jake grew up to be!!  He's a Gracie-Bacchus baby)
Black Magic's Storm is a wonderful Karma-Bacchus girl that is training to be a service dog for Hannah. She wrote us this wonderful letter about her experience with Storm:
I have self trained Storm with Michael Ellis methods and positive reinforcement, but now that she is 7 months I have been looking to getting her perfected with professional help.
I found the most well known/popular trainer in Colorado and called him. Over the phone he asked me a few questions and once he heard I had a GSD he openly said; "oh boy, breeders have been over breeding these guys and lately all I've seen is genetically messed up and mentally unhinged GSD...
We can meet for a free consultation but I may not be taking on any more GSDs."   I assured him mine was exceptionally well mannered and beautifully bred to which he said, "we will see."      I came in today for my hour and a half consultation during which time he basically let his jaw drop to the floor. She knew everything he wanted to teach her. Her natural guard instincts were spot on and easily controlled. Her temperament was unmatched by any GSD he has EVER seen (in 25 years as a trainer and police officer) and her attentiveness to anyone handling her was remarkable.  His program is $700. and he flat out said - don't train with me. At 7 months you have a one of a kind dog and if you keep up what you are doing at 2 years you will have an irreplaceable companion.     To this I thanked him and then explained, although I appreciate his praise, Storm is in fact not one of a kind and I know a breeder that produces numerous outstanding GSDs.      I know not every pup is perfect but from the reviews on your website and the Black Magic dogs I have met you certainly produce a high
percentage of great shepherds.  I hope this made you smile as well for if I am proud then you
certainly should be.   Hannah